Trap-Free 2D LC/M


When impurities are detected by UV under non-volatile mobile phase conditions, does one need to adapt the method to use volatile mobile phase additives for LCMS confirmation?


With the use of a Trap-free 2D LCMS system, no additional method development is required because mobile phases can be changed online.

  • Online switching between a non-volatile mobile phase and a volatile mobile phase
  • Convenient support tool coordinated within LabSolutions
  • Only the impurities of interest are introduced to the MS system, so there are no concerns about peak misalignment.

Creating a Time Program and Batch Schedule using the Support Tool

The optimal valve sequence can be constructed by entering the retention times for impurity peaks observed in the first-dimension UV chromatogram, and then a batch schedule can be created to acquire data on multiple impurities and their respective blanks.

Using the Data Browser Makes Identification of Impurities Easy

Example of sample data and blank data displayed in the data browser

Remarks and Precautions
  1. The Trap-Free 2D LCMS System is a application system and is configured with LC units, Quadrupole mass spectrometer, and start kit