N-Series, The NextGen UHPLC

Building upon 40 years of experience in LC technology, the N-Series UHPLC blends cutting edge AI and IoT enhancements to set new industry benchmark

The N-Series UHPLC has been designed to meet new customer challenges and requirements. A marriage of the Shimadzu LC’s outstanding hardware performance and the latest digital technologies such as IoT and M2M brings us to achieve the “highly reliable data acquisition” with “improvement of operational efficiency” based on the following three maxims. With the aim of becoming a new industry standard, Shimadzu has brought in a new experience of LC analysis.

A New Benchmark of Intelligence

New functionalities for Analytical Intelligence (AI). A variety of automated features that support analytical workflows help improve reliability and efficiency.

A New Benchmark of Design

Further advances outstanding hardware performance which is the basis of  Shimadzu LC and strongly supports the improvement of data reliability.

A New Benchmark of Efficiency

Ultra-high speed injection performance on the autosampler and a large sample capacity of the PLATE CHANGER accelerate ultra-high throughput analysis.

Maximizing Reliability, Minimizing Down Time

Fully Unattended Operation from Startup to Shutdown

N-Series UHPLC can be set to start up at a specified time, so that it can complete auto-purge, equilibration and baseline checks in advance and be ready for analysis as soon as you arrive at the lab. Moreover , the system can be set up in advance to run without user intervention all the way from start up through analysis to shutdown

Auto-Diagnostics and Recovery

N-Series UHPLC has the ability to monitor baseline changes and pressure fluctuations to check for abnormalities. When it detects an unusual fluctuation, it can automatically pause the analysis, purge the flow path and restart analysis once it has confirmed recovery to normal pressure.

FlowPilot function to Protects Columns

HPLC columns can be damaged by sudden ‘pump starts’ and stops or extreme gradient changes. The N-Series UHPLC automatically uses FlowPilot (Smart Flow Control) to increase the flow rate gradually to the set point. There is no need to create startup protocols for each analysis(Pat. Pending).

Mobile Phase Levels Measured in Real Time

Reservoir tray weight sensors (optional) can be used to monitor the volume of mobile phase or autosampler rinse solution in up to twelve containers. The containers can also be checked remotely from a smart device. You will no longer need to worry about running out of mobile phase mid-analysis, because the device will notify you before starting the run if the volume remaining is too low.

Reliably Track Column Usage

Column Management Device (CMD)(Patent Pending)

The CMD (optional) compares the column information with the requirements of the analysis method and only begins analysis if they match. This device prevents errors in the choice of columns while at the same time storing the usage history of each column.

Step 1

Manage all your columns from the database, which can display usage status, injection count, etc. on one screen. Information about the column used is automatically linked to the analytical results.

Step 2

Deterioration of columns can be checked visually by examining peak shapes. Each compound listed in the compound table can be directly overlaid on the chromatogram

Allocate Resources Efficiently

Manage the overall operation of your lab with Shimadzu LabTotal Smart Service Net (optional). Review and compare instrument usage to maximize available analysis time and manage shared consumables through a common system. (Patent Pending)

Remote Instrument Maintenance Ensures Stable Operation

N-Series UHPLC automatically transfers the status of consumable parts, traceability information of consumable parts after shipment from the factory and various logs and error information to the Shimadzu LabTotal Smart Service Net cloud system. Using this information, the system recommends the timing for consumable parts replacement. Problems can be diagnosed remotely by Shimadzu service engineers. This means the system can be maintained in optimal condition and equipment management costs can also be reduced.

Automating Workflow, Maximizing Throughput

Analysis Cycle Time Less Than 10 Seconds

The SIL-40 autosampler can process the entire injection cycle time in as little as seven seconds, twice as fast as the previous model. In addition, continuous analysis can be carried out on up to 44 MTPs (using 3 PLATE CHANGERS). Together these features dramatically increase analysis throughput

Space-Saving Design

The N-Series UHPLC frees up bench space with a compact design two thirds the size of Shimadzu’s previous model.

Energy-Saving Standby Mode

The N-Series UHPLC uses over 80% less electricity when in standby mode, significantly reducing running costs and supporting an environmentally-friendly lab.

Ultra-low Carryover

The N-Series UHPLC boasts of ultra-low carryover, even on a high-sensitivity LC-MS/MS. This reduces time spent on rinsing, resulting in a shorter overall analysis time.

Unique design to ensure reliable sample cooling

The SIL-40 series has a “direct access” function which allows extra sample vials or MTPs to be added even during analysis. Dry air flow control maintains the temperature inside the autosampler and protects the samples from condensation.