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LyobeadPRO – Benchtop Precision Lyobead Generator

The LyobeadPRO is a benchtop device designed to produce high quality lyobeads in a controlled environment within the settings of a traditional laboratory. The versatility of the device provides an ideal tool for both R&D purposes and upscale for production use. High-quality bead production is provided by utilising accurate fine dosing control, ensuring each bead contains the same amount of material and is consistent in size and shape.

With single or dual droplet nozzles and the in-built ‘drawback’ process, lyobeads with viscous or non-viscous formulations can be efficiently produced within a sieved container held within the liquid nitrogen. The sieved bead collection pan is easily retrieved from the dewar and allows for dispensing of the frozen beads into freeze drying vials or trays in a safe manner. The locked dispensing nozzles and  segmented rotating head located inside the dewar ensures snap freezing is performed at the correct height without risk of amalgamation (clumping) of beads within the LN2. Batch sizes of up to 12,000 beads/hour can be produced with dual nozzle output.

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