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Celigo Image Cytometer

The Celigo® image cytometer is a microplate-based multichannel brightfield and florescent imaging cytometer for 2D and 3D culture using both adherent and suspension cells. A 21 CFR Part 11 module is available.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
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Celigo is a plate-based benchtop brightfield and fluorescent imaging system designed for whole-well live-cell analysis and cell sample characterization. The Celigo system images and analyzes cells in various types of vessels including 6 – 1536 well plates, T25, T75 flasks, 10 cm dishes, and glass slides without disturbing their natural state.

Individual cell level analysis is easily generated, providing cell level insights unlike ELISA or protein-based assays, and at a faster rate than flow cytometry. A broad range of complex cell-based assays have been optimized for the Celigo cytometer:

Rapid whole-well imaging and analysis

  • Sensitive whole-well imaging ensures accurate cell population analysis
  • Remove non-uniform seeding from the equation
  • Accurately detect, image, and count every cell in every well
  • Specialized scanning mirrors enable fast, high-quality images

Advanced brightfield imaging and four fluorescent channels

  • Proprietary algorithm for simultaneous imaging and label-free cell analysis
  • Perform real-time multiplex assays with four fluorescent channels

Convenient workflow designed for biologists

  • Multiple object-driven algorithms and a variety of assay-based applications
  • Accessible adaptation with easy-to-follow software
  • Save customizable experiments as well as default settings
  • Built-in gating parameters allow easy data analysis and visualization
  • Real-time graphic feedback allows multiple parameters to be measured simultaneously for intuitive analysis

Automation and data management

  • Accessible application programming interface (API) for easy automated workflow integration
  • Automated microplate handling for kinetic end-point analysis or time-point analysis