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MESO QuickPlex SQ 120MM

The MESO QuickPlex SQ 120MM is a compact, economical and multiplexing imager with exceptional performance. This is the newest multiplexing instrument from MSD, offering high-performance, electro-chemiluminescence(ECL) immunoassays. The combination of rapid read times and the ability to perform multiple, simultaneous tests on a single sample increases productivity, saves sample, and delivers results quickly. The QuickPlex has a wide menu of commercially available assay kits and a full line of components and reagents for developing your own assays.

  • ECL detection for best sensitivity and dynamic range
  • Single and multiplex assays
  • Wide menu of commercially available kits and components for user-developed assays
  • Single-well read mode for ultimate performance
  • Small footprint – ¼ the size of MSD’s SECTOR Imagers
  • Ultra-fast read times (90 seconds per plate, twice the speed of a SECTOR 2400)
  • Developed under design control
  • Windows 7 compatible
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Superior Technology

The MesoQuickplex SQ120 is designed for the ECL and MULTI-ARRAY technology. This combines electro-chemiluminescence and arrays to bring speed and high density of information to biological assays. In combination with MULTI-SPOT plates, this technology enables precise quantitation of multiple analytes in a single sample requiring less time and effort than other assay platforms. The instrument uses a very sensitive, high-resolution CCD camera and lens system to detect light emitted from MULTI-ARRAY and MULTI-SPOT plates. The custom-designed lens provides high efficiency and uniform collection of ECL generated light. For optimal sensitivity, the camera sensor is cooled to a temperature of -25°C and maintained at this temperature within a control band of ±2°C.

High binding carbon electrodes in the bottom of MULTI-ARRAY and MULTI-SPOT microplates allow for easy attachment of biological reagents (10X greater binding capacity than polystyrene). MSD assays use electro-chemiluminescent labels that are conjugated to detection antibodies. The labels are called SULFO-TAG, and allow for ultra-sensitive detection. The QuickPlex instrument is compatible with both SECTOR plates the new QUICKPLEX plates.