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Livit Flex

The next generation in bioprocess control

The Livit Flex is the intuitive controller that fits any research and development application. It can be configured as a single or dual control system for single-use and / or multi-use bioreactors. Only one network is needed to monitor and control the data of all your bioprocesses.

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From the expected to the extraordinary

  • Ensure an optimized system configuration and investment that match your dedicated needs
  • Speed up development thanks to system flexibility and advanced software functionalities
  • Reduce the risk of operator error and cut training time with a user-friendly interface

From standard to state-of-the-art

Both experienced and new users will be up and running in no time thanks to the new, intuitive Livit software platform with built-in data acquisition. Livit software is fully configurable and easy to use. Every sensor or actuator has its own widget so users can easily access and modify all settings, and even connect multiple Livit Flex controllers in a network. By accessing and controlling multiple controllers from one PC in a lab, users can easily set-up parallel experiments and monitor all experiments from one central location.
Combining the flexibility of the Livit Flex controller, the intuitive Livit software, and Getinge bioreactors enables you to accelerate your R&D processes and bring your pharmaceutical and biotech products to market faste

The intuitive and configurable bioprocess controller

The Livit Flex can be configured as a single or dual bioreactor control system to match your bioprocess requirements. Set up the interface in your preferred format, enabling efficient access to all the data and controls needed to optimize your bioprocess.

Watch the video to discover how the Livit Flex offers the flexibility that you need.

Customizable design

The Livit Flex can be configured as a single or dual control system to optimize bench space in laboratories. Easily optimize your controller configuration to match your specific needs, whether microbial or cell cultures, by connecting either single-use or multi-use bioreactors, or both! Add up to 8 variable speed pumps and up to 12 mass flow controllers (or up to 8 mass flow meters) to fit your application.
The Livit Flex is compatible with multi-use Applikon bioreactors and single-use AppliFlex ST bioreactors.

Intuitive built-in software

The Livit Flex controller comes with the new Livit software platform. This platform is the newest bioprocess software, that is based on 40 years of experience of bioprocess control in combination with the latest software design principles. It provides built-in data logging without separate software. Designed for today’s and next generation researchers and scientists.
The user can easily modify the Human Machine Interface (HMI) on the 13.3″ LCD touch screen by adapting widgets to his or her preference. Every sensor or actuator has its own widget and provides easy access to its settings. Next to overview pages the Livit software enables table overviews for one or multiple bioreactors.

Plug & Play simplicity

Simply connect and power smart sensors and additional auxiliaries to the controller via USB-C connection on the side of the control cabinet, in combination with Livit Links. Livit Links are smart cables for a variety of sensor options (e.g. dO2, pH, RedOx, temperature, balances, biomass, offgas) and other auxiliaries like external pumps, analog inputs and outputs. The Livit Flex will automatically recognize the device once plugged in. This enhances the operator workflow and minimizes time to set-up the control systems.

Easily connect multiple Livit Flex controllers in one network and bring your pharmaceutical and biotech products to market faster.

The Applikon BioBundle is ideal for the following applications:

  • Cell cultures
  • Microbial cultures
  • Batch
  • Fed-Batch
  • Continuous bioprocessing