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Verso Compound Management System

Automated Sample and Compound Management System

Verso is a modular automated compound management system that can be easily configured to meet your laboratory’s needs. Hamilton Verso can handle the most demanding compound and sample management applications at temperatures from ambient to minus 20°C.

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Flexible Compound Storage System

With its quick processing speeds, Verso allows more time to be spent on science instead of manual, labor-intensive tasks. Furthermore, the system can be run day and night without supervision. This allows users to run jobs after hours to maximize productivity during the day.

Verso handles a wide range of labware types, including tubes, vials, and plates, to accommodate current and future workflows. Additionally, the system can be expanded modularly to grow with future storage needs.

Hamilton Verso Compound Management System Features and Benefits

High-Throughput Tube Picking

  • Processing speeds up to 1,500 tubes/hour* and over 170 plates/hour*
  • A Universal Picker provides the ability to pick multiple labware types with different diameters in one picker module
  • A 96-Tube Picker-Puncher provides the ability to pick and punch tubes in the same module

*Processing speeds reflect the whole process, from order submission to retrieval.

User-Friendly Design Features

  • Automated Input/Output (I/O) module door that allows sample loading without needing a free hand to open the system door
  • Up to 100 racks can be placed into the Input/Output module at once
  • Optional active thawing module allows users to retrieve samples ready for pipetting by eliminating the time-consuming manual thawing step
  • Automated integration with liquid handling workstations such as Microlab STAR and Microlab VANTAGE Liquid Handling System, and other laboratory automation devices

Modular Compound Storage System

  • Configure the compound storage system to current needs and expand the system in the field to accommodate future storage requirements
  • Smaller configurations—S1 SE and M1 SE—fit into small laboratory spaces

Transport Samples Quickly Using the Sample Cart

The Sample Cart transports samples quickly and efficiently around your laboratory. It is a user-friendly option that allows users to avoid manually carrying large quantities of samples. It extends the ease-of-use of Hamilton Storage’s systems to the whole laboratory.

The shelves are made up of trays that slide in and out. The trays, which need to be purchased separately, hold standard SBS-footprint racks.

  • Stores 20 trays holding up to 100 standard SBS-footprint racks
  • Two front-opening doors keep samples securely inside during transport
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Saves time by transporting racks in large quantities
  • Reduces the hassle of multiple trips
  • Whole trays can be loaded into Verso

Custom Compound Storage Solutions

In addition to a wide range of standard configurations, Hamilton Verso offers customized compound storage solutions to meet your more unique and demanding requirements. From small modifications to large integrated systems that simplify your entire process, our experts are glad to help.