LabElite is our solution to make your sample processing easier.

It’s never been easier

Your day is just beginning so why not focus on the tasks that matter most and let your LabElite handle the rest. Decapping labware has never been easier for low, medium or high-throughput sample processing applications. Whether you process tens, hundreds or even thousands of microtube or cryovials a day, the LabElite decapper provides you with peace of mind to know each sample is handled safely and securely.

Decapping your way

Our open approach to automation lets you configure the LabElite to how YOU want to use it. Do you need to process labware in portrait or landscape orientations? No problem. Do you have a preferred labware type, format or thread style? LabElite’s open platform approach to automation allows you to make the decision.…

Process Efficiency in Mind

We at Hamilton understand just how essential sample management is to maintain healthy operational efficiency in your lab. Automating workflows is no small feat and sometimes issues do happen. That’s why we built our LabElite line of decappers with process efficiency in mind to maximize sample security, sample integrity and user safety.