SP VirTis Freezemobile

The SP VirTis Freezemobile is a Manifold Freeze Dryer for applications requiring high-throughput and large capacity freeze
drying batch to be processed in flasks. Freezemobile is deal for application from peptide production to protein purification, it
offers complete flexibility to make the lyophilization process easy and efficient. Comes with various choice of manifolds and

Performance Specifications

Lowest condenser temperature -85°C
Lowest freezing temperature -70°C
Maximum condenser capacity 25 L / 35 L
Condenser surface area 506 in (3,264 cm)
capacity in 24 hours 12 L / 25 L
Condenser pull-down from 20°C to -45°C ≤ 25 minutes
Vacuum time to 100 mTorr ≤ 20 minutes
Lowest system vacuum ≤ 15 mT
Average defrost time ≤ 60 minutes