SP VirTis Ultra

SP VirTis ULTRA Pilot Production Freeze Dryer

The Ultra Pilot Lyophilizer combines the power and efficiency. Compact in size to create a customizable device
perfect for enhancing your workflow.
Suitable for pilot and small-scale workloads, the SP VirTis Ultra Pilot combines a compact design with the power
and reliability you need to improve your lyophilization workflow. The Ultra Pilot is highly configurable, allowing you
to personalize it to meet your exact needs
Even with its compact design, the Ultra Pilot still packs a punch with shelf temperatures as low as -70C and
condenser temperatures down to -85C, supporting a wide range of applications. Configured for 35L or 50L condenser
capacities, you can rest assured that there’s an Ultra Pilot configuration to meet your requirements, whether that’s
high moisture throughput capacity for high moisture products such as vials or bulk liquid API, or a high shelf
surface to condenser surface ratio, for low moisture applications.

Features & Benefits:

  • Bulk or stoppering configurations
  • Up to 15 shelves
  • A selection of control formats and temperature and vacuum sensors
  • Narrow footprint for cleanroom installations
  • Isolator Ready configuration
  • Air-cooled or water-cooled condenser