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PT 6100 D

Powerful stand-disperser (High-End Line)

Powerful stand-disperser (High-End Line), flexible-use disperser with EU-power cable, PC software, RS-232 / USB connection cable (230 V)
This instrument meets the highest standards of reproducibility and scaling up and the reserve ­capacities of this motor enable the handling of larger quantities without any decline in quality. The fully ­digitized control and regulation system is very easy to operate. The illuminated LCD displays all required parameters which can be adjusted if necessary, with the membrane keypad.
Drive Unit EU type E+F (CEE7/7) power cable

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– Easy operation with an on–off switch and membrane keypad
– Digital speed control for long equipment life
– Protection against overheating, overload and blocking
– Speed stability even with changes in viscosity
– Easy to adjust motor height (depending on the stand)
– Aggregates quickly switched with Click & Go coupling
– Easy aggregate clean–up with EasyClean Design

Results are convincing
– Smallest sizes of particles/droplets because precise ­analysis require homogeneous samples
– Efficient sample preparation because fast dispersion saves time
– Standard or custom-made aggregates perfected for and in cooperation with the users
– Cleaning and disassembly EasyClean Design makes it very simple
– Quick coupling of the aggregates by using Click & Go
– Best materials available because without them, we could not call it Swiss Made
– Durability is a Swiss virtue


 Min. Volume (ml) 0.1
 Max. Volume (ml) 30000
 Power (W) 1700
 Tip speed Up to max. 32 m/s
 Applicable aggregates ø 5 mm to 65 mm
 Speed range 1 000 – 26 500 rpm
 Drive coupling Aggregates with E coupling
 Noise level (drive without aggregate) 82 dB(A) at 26 500 rpm
 Motor Universal with carbon brushes
 Connection voltage 110 – 230 V ± 10 %, 50Hz / 60Hz
 Relative humidity (max.) 80 % during storage / 80 % during operation
 Operating temperature  0 – 40 °C
PC Interfaces RS-232 (D SUB 9) / USB socket B
 Protection class acc. to DIN  IP 20
 Dimensions (LxWxH) Drive: 235 x 164 x 313 mm
 Weight Drive: 7.4 kg
 EMC standards IEC / EN 61000-6-2 / EN 61000-6-3
 Safety standard IEC / EN 61010-2-51


Instruction Manual 2018
Operating Instructions / User Interface
Product brochure
Software / User Interface PT 1300 D