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PT 10-35 GT
Powerful stand-disperser (Ecoline)

Powerful stand-disperser (Ecoline), flexible-use disperser with EU-power cable (230 V) PT 10-35 GT features high drive power and sleek design. With its large reserve capacity, it can be used for a sample with large volumes as easily as preparing samples with small volumes.
Drive Unit EU type E+F (CEE7/7) power cable

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– Easy operation with an on-off switch and speed control
– Intelligent variable speed control for long equipment life
– Speed stability even with changes in viscosity
– Easy to adjust motor height (depending on the stand)
– Switch aggregate quickly with Click & Go coupling
– Easy aggregate clean-up with EasyClean Design

Results are convincing
– Smallest sizes of particles / droplets: because precise ­analysis require homogeneous samples
– Efficient sample preparation: because fast dispersion saves time
– Standard or custom-made aggregates: perfected for and in cooperation with the users
– Cleaning and disassembly: EasyClean Design makes it very simple
– Quick coupling of the aggregates: by using Click & Go
– Best materials available: because without them, we could not call it Swiss Made
– Durability is a Swiss virtue


 Min. Volume (ml)  0.1
 Max. Volume (ml)  10000
 Power (W)  1200
 Tip speed  Up to max. 34 m/s
 Applicable aggregates  ø 5 mm to ø 36 mm
 Speed range  500 – 30 000 rpm
 Drive coupling  Aggregates with F coupling
 Noise level (drive without aggregate)  75 dB(A) at 25 000 rpm / 82 dB(A) at 30 000 rpm
 Motor  Universal with carbon brushes
 Connection voltage  90 – 230 V ± 10 %, 50Hz / 60Hz
 Relative humidity (max.)  80 % during storage / 80 % during operation
 Operating temperature  0 – 40 °C
 Protection class acc. to DIN  IP 20
 Dimensions (LxWxH)  Drive: 95 x 210 x 247 mm
 Weight  Drive: 3200 g
 EMC standards  IEC / EN 61000-6-2 / EN 61000-6-3
 Safety standard  IEC / EN 61010-2-51
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