Cell Culture Profiling

Simultaneous Analysis Conditions for 144 Compounds

Version 3 of this method package adds metabolites characteristic of CHO cells, which are frequently used in the manufacture of monoclonal antibodies. Together with existing analytes, this Method Package enables the analysis of 144 compounds in under 20 minutes per sample. Both culture supernatant components and cellular metabolites can be analyzed using this product owing to enhancement of the target analytes and optimization of measurement parameters.

This method package makes it easier to obtain more detailed cell culture profiling data.


List of Registered Compounds


Analysis of Intracellular and Extracellular Metabolites in One Method

Metabolites present in both the cell medium supernatant and within cells can be analyzed using the same optimized chromatography and mass spectrometry conditions.

Visualization of Changes in Cultivation over Time

This product makes it easy to visualize the time-course changes of up to 144 compounds from culture supernatant and cellular extracts collected at intervals.