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Volumetric Imaging Technology

OptiPac inspection system for multi-cavity blister packaging features tool-less changeover for different blister package formats.

Blister package manufacturing consists of materials such as plastic or foil formed into cavities that house the tablets or capsules, providing the barrier against environmental contaminants for the product’s shelf-life. In the dye ingress test, the package is visually inspected for blue dye penetration after it has been subjected to a vacuum cycle submerged in dye. While the method seems simple, there are several conditional aspects to the method that can contribute to unreliable results and make the method less effective at assuring quality.

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OptiPac’s insightful technology offers a suite of advanced functions:

PTI insures the container closure integrity of pharmaceutical packaging formats that include parenteral products (vials, ampoules, syringes, autoinjectors) to blister packaging, induction sealed bottles and flexible packaging (pouches, sachets and suture packaging). The United States pharmacopeia released guidance in 2016 stating that deterministic methods are preferred over probabilistic test methods. Test methods offered by PTI are all deterministic and quantitative test methods that ensure the integrity of the supreme level. The PTI inspection systems for pharmaceutical packaging test methods are of the industry gold standard for sensitivity, reliability and performance. They are also non-destructive test methods that create zero waste.

  • Auto configuration for easy recipe setup and validation of new blister formats
  • Auto orientation of blister packs(test blister packs in any position – no specific orientation)
  • Auto calibration is an integrated one-touch function
  • Advanced batch reporting with adult trail including image of blister pack and defect results

The OptiPac One-Touch Tool-less system is designed for non-destructive blister package leak detection. Using principles similar to those applied in a vacuum based dye ingress test, the OptiPac applies controlled inputs and measured outputs without the hassle and reliability issues of the dye ingress method. OptiPac uses a volumetric imaging technology to measure the motion of a blister package under vacuum to detect leaks. The interface is practical and simple to setup with new blister package formats, requiring no tooling changeover or complex parameter adjustments experienced with other non-destructive blister package inspection systems.