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SP VirTis General Purpose Freeze Dryer (GPFD)

Like other SP VirTis products, our General Purpose Freeze Dryer (GPFD) goes above and beyond to deliver great results. It’s ideal for bulky products such as archaeological artifacts/documents, where low energy input and long freeze-drying cycles are required. It also provides extra sample capacity for applications with very low moisture products.

  • Convenient – easy installation with a free-standing and mobile design that means you can set up anywhere!
  • Versatile – refrigeration temperatures of -53°C or -85°C
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With widely varied applications that are typically troublesome – including drying archaeological artifacts and recovering water-damaged archival materials, to preparing museum specimens of plants and animals – the SP VirTis GPFD leaves damaging restoration processes in the past.
Available in 25L and 35L configurations, and with optional programmable heating to 60°C, this freeze dryer is prepared for any freeze-drying situation. The GPFD offers adjustable condenser refrigeration packages, allowing you to maximize your results whilst minimizing energy output, for an environmentally friendly approach to freeze-drying.

Features & Benefits

  • Size doesn’t matter – drying large items is no problem; remove sublimated ice as you go with our mid-cycle defrost option
  • Easy progress monitoring – clear acrylic chamber doors allow you to visualize the freeze-drying process, every step of the way
  • Process large batches with ease – single run condenser capacities of 25L or 35L
  • Wide variety of product solvents – temperatures down to -85ºC
  • Reduced turn-around time – smooth-wall condenser enables fast defrost and ice removal, alleviating the vapor port ice blockages that are common in traditional systems
  • Long-term dependability

Application Examples

  • Plant samples for genetic analysis
  • Marine artifact restoration
  • Restoration/drying of water-soaked manuscripts