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Raman techniques often use powerful laser sources which emphasizes the importance of proper eye safety measures. The SampleCube sample enclosure can be closed using a sliding door minimizing the risk of any high energy laser light causing retinal damage. The inside of the sample enclosure is colored black which reduces light reflections. SAMPLING A LARGER SURFACE AREA The SampleCube enables measurements from a larger sample surface for more representative measurement results. During measurements, the sample cup holder has an option for eccentric rotation and the measurement probe can be simultaneously moved in a scanning motion. This way a larger surface area is included in the sampling volume instead of a single point measurement. The user may choose to only sample a smaller surface area from the center of the sample or adjust the amplitude setting to include the whole sample surface area.

The scanning cycle is designed to cover the whole surface area effectively while limiting laser exposure of any single point. Because of this, many of the more sensitive samples can be measured, as sample degradation caused by laser exposure is minimized. The user may adjust the scanning speed to even further reduce the longest continuous time a single point is exposed to laser light.

The SampleCube also enables easy laser focusing with all compatible measurement probes. The probe can be moved up and down in a controlled manner using the adjustment screw on top. Once a suitable position has been found, the probe will stay in the chosen position during measurements.

The main use case for the SampleCube are powder samples but it can also be used to measure other flat or flattenable samples. The SampleCube can also be used to measure liquid samples in vials or cuvettes as the measurement probe can be inserted horizontally in the sample enclosure. Using the SampleCube, all the aforementioned sample types can be measured in a controlled and eye safe manner.

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