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The Revio system adds affordability, high throughput, and ease of use to a foundation of long reads, exceptional accuracy, and direct methylation detection.

15× increase in HiFi read throughput

With a high-density, 25 million ZMW SMRT Cell, up to 4 SMRT Cells in parallel, and 24-hour run times3, the Revio system delivers 360 Gb2,5 of HiFi reads per day, equivalent to 1,300 human whole genomes4 per year. ​

The $1,000 complete, phased genome

HiFi sequencing provides small variants, structural variants, repeat expansions, methylation, and haplotype phasing from a single library and sequencing run.

50% fewer consumables and a vastly simplified experience

Operating the Revio system is simple, thanks to a combined reagent and sample plate, rapid run setup, flexibility to queue runs while sequencing is in progress, and no external nitrogen supply. ​

Google Health DeepConsensus on board

Advanced algorithms on the Revio system deliver exceptional read accuracy plus methylation calling in every run. Its optimized file formats reduce data storage needs through quality value binning and smart read ordering.

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