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Raman Microprobe

The patented Timegated® PicoRaman spectrometers can now be conveniently used with any Olympus BX, CX and MX series upright microscope with an easy to install microprobe adapter. Accurate identification and timeresolved analysis of almost any microscopic sample area is now possible with this new accessory. The user can observe the sample either by using the oculars or the integrated USB camera which also enables capturing images or live video of the sample. The novel Raman Microprobe provides researchers new opportunities with Timegated® Raman spectroscopy in wide range of application areas, such as geosciences, biopharmaceuticals, catalysis and forensics to name a few. The possibility to combine the Timegated® PicoRaman spectrometer with microscopic mapping systems enable multi-point surface mapping. Timegated® Raman spectroscopy provides highly specific time-resolved information including 3D spectra with intensity, Raman-shift and time axes.

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Outstanding features

• Spectral cut-off: < 200 cm-1 (lower cut-off also available)
• Compatible with all Olympus BX, CX and MX series upright microscopes
• USB camera for image
• Time-resolved Raman analysis with microscope adapter