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PT(-C) 60

EasyClean Design

The POLYTRON® PT-C series is an enhanced EasyClean design where the stator tube is exchanged against stator rods. The design allows complete cleaning without disassembly and complies with CIP / SIP standards.

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Results are convincing
– Simple, robust design for easy use and long life
– Available with single or double mechanical seal systems for pressure or vacuum applications
– Sterile double mechanical systems available food or pharmaceutical processing
– Capable of operating under pressures of up to 10 bar
– All parts in contact with the product are made from 316L Stainless Steel
– Generators can be made from special metals such as Hastelloy for use with abrasive materials or coated to minimize attack by corrosive chemicals
– Special surface finishes available for food and pharmaceutical applications
– POLYTRON® come in various sizes for batch volumes from 50 to 10 000 liters
– Shaft lengths can be customized for any particular application
– Rotor/Stator can be provided with specially designed injectors for introducing solids or liquids directly into the homogenization zone
– Available as CIP (Clean In Place) or CR (Clean Room) compatible machines
– Explosion-proof versions according to ATEX and NEMA are available for XP applications
– POLYTRON® can be mounted on stationary or moveable stands. In addition, the stands can be offered as manual lift or with the heavier motors, we recommend an electric lift


volume (L) 50
Max. tip speed m/s 8
ø / length mm 60 / 600 (Standard)
Motor up to 3kW
Speed range 3000 rpm (max.)