PULSAR Total Headspace Inspection Machine

The PULSAR Headspace Inspection platform is an automated in-line 100% inspection machine designed to simultaneously monitor oxygen, pressure, and moisture levels in sealed parenteral containers. The patented machine platform was originally developed with funding from the Food and Drug Administration and received the 2004 Parenteral Drug Association New Innovative Technology Award.

Configuration for Total Headspace Inspection

The automated headspace machine platform can be configured for total headspace inspection. The PULSAR/THC In-Line Inspection System is an in-line, 100% inspection and rejection system designed to simultaneously monitor oxygen, pressure, and moisture levels. The PULSAR/THC System is capable of directly measuring oxygen concentrations, total pressure/vacuum levels, and moisture levels in the headspace of optically transparent packages. Applications include 100% container closure integrity testing of lyophilized and liquid product, headspace oxygen monitoring during the filling of oxygen-sensitive product, and 00% moisture determination of freeze dried product.

  • Measurement Range : 0 to 30 mbar(moisture)
  • Throughput : 200 vials per minute
  • Container sizes : 1 to 200 ml
  • Container Compatibility : Tubing or molded; amber or clear

Applications Include:

  • In-line 100% container closure integrity testing, vacuum leak detection
  • Real-time monitoring of oxygen levels during the filling of oxygen-sensitive product
  • In-line 100% moisture inspection of freeze dried vials