Tubings & Fittings for HPLC

Stainless Steel VHP Fittings

The all Stainless-steel VHP fittings from Upchurch include a unique ferrule system with two compression points to provide twice the grip of a standard ferrule. This design also allows the bite on the tubing to be less concentrated and does not restrict the internal diameter.

  • Pressure rated to 30,000 psi (2070 bar)
  • Double compression ferrule design
  • Available with 10-32 threads for 1/16” OD tubing and M4 threads for 1/32” OD tubing.
All-PEEK™ VHP Fittings

In a one-piece design, the VHP-150 is an all-PEEK fitting that can operate upto 10,000 psi on PEEK tubing. Using a similar captive ferrule as the VHP-320 series fittings, the design is also reusable upto 10 cycles, decreasing down time during any hardware changes. Instead of having to replace tubing and fittings if a new column is changed, the re-usable all-PEEK fitting will be able to be adjusted to new dimension x depth.

Coned One-Piece Fingertight Fittings

The Upchurch Scientific® One-Piece Fingertight Fittings provide convenience and ease of use because the ferrule will not stick in a receiving port and the fitting is more easily found if dropped. The fittings for 1/16” OD tubing and 10-32 coned ports are available in a variety of colors, materials and lengths to suit every application. Beyond the standard 10-32 fittings, also featured in this family are speciality fittings for specific applications. The M-645 fitting is a direct replacement for the 6-40 threaded VICI (Valco) fitting.

Stainless Steel Tubings for HPLC

Upchurch scientific provides seamless, pre-cut stainless steel tubing to meet exacting requirements of today’s analyses. The tubings from Upchurch are machine cut , polished each end and subjected to deburring of the inside and outside edges . A variety of pre-cut lengths as well as longer lengths of required sizes are offered by Upchurh.

PEEK™ Tubing for HPLC

PEEK tubing is biocompatible, chemically inert to most commonly-used solvents, and can be used to replace stainless steel tubing in most liquid applications. PEEK tubing is flexible, offers a very smooth internal surface and can be easily cut to desired lengths. PEEK has a high temperature threshold, capable of withstanding as high as 100 Deg C and carries a pressure rating of upto 7000 psi. Additionally, PEEK tubing has a very smooth internal surface which causes less turbulence than similar sized metal tubing. Turbulence can cause remixing of separated sample bands and dilution of bands by the mobile phase. Of all the polymer tubing materials, PEEK is the least permeable to gases.