Position yourself at the forefront of scientific discovery with the MERSCOPETM Platform, the industry’s first high plex, in situ single-cell spatial genomics solution. MERSCOPE uses MERFISH spatial transcriptomics technology to directly map and quantify the spatial distribution of hundreds to tens of thousands of RNA species in individual cells, without the need for downstream sequencing. MERSCOPE is incredibly versatile across applications and sample types, revolutionizing life sciences research.

A Complete Spatial Transcriptomics Solution

We integrated MERFISH spatial transcriptomics technology with high resolution spatial imaging, fluidics, image processing, and automation to deliver a complete end-to-end spatial genomics solution. The MERSCOPETM Platform comes with everything your lab needs to get started with spatial imaging. We built our expertise into every component of the system so you can easily obtain and analyze high-quality MERFISH measurements.

The MERSCOPETM Platform is comprised of:

  • MERSCOPE Instrument & Analysis Computer
  • Intuitive Instrument and Visualization Software
  • MERSCOPE Reagents & Consumables