SP Hull LyoConstellation

SP Hull LyoConstellation Series Pilot & Production Freeze Dryers

From start to finish – ideal for cycle development and scale-up to stability, Pilot and clinical batch production,
through full aseptic production. SP Hull LyoConstellation Lyophilizers built on SP’s reputation as a pioneer of Freeze
drying technologies.
Designed to GMP standards and ready for full line integration, the LyoConstellation fits in where others cannot.
The lyophilizer that slots into your fill-finish workflow and is cleanroom ready, the SP Hull LyoConstellation pilot
lyophilizers are here to help. With a comprehensive range of innovative technologies for your high-value products
including controlled ice nucleation, fluid condenser cooling, and large diameter vapor ports for high flow.
Full suite of PAT tools and technologies enables Line of Sight approach in cycle development and scale-up for
simplified technology transfer, assuring product safety and quality in production.

Features & Benefits:

  • LyoConstellation from 1m2 to 13m2
  • Built with SP’s Line of Sight PAT Tools
  • LyoFlux® TDLAS, SMART™ Freeze Dryer Technology
  • TEMPRIS® Wireless Sensors and ControLyo® Nucleation Technology
  • Full Steam in Place (SIP) & Clean in Place (CIP) execution
  • H2O2 sterilization option
  • Suitable for applications such as Sterile processing in Vials and Bulk API production.