SP Hull Lyostar 4

SP Hull Lyostar4 is an advanced development freeze dryer ideal for rapid lyophilization cycle development, optimization and scale-up. It incorporates the very latest innovations in freeze-drying technology. Ensure precise process control and reliability and protect the valuable product. Fully PAT enabled Lyophilizer that enables get the product to the market faster.

Performance Specifications

Lowest Shelf Temperature ≤ -70°C
Shelf Temperature Control Range -70 to 60°C
Shelf Temperature Control Range Tolerance ± 0.5°C
Shelf Pull-Down from 25°C to -40°C ≤ 25 minutes
Lowest Condenser Temperature ≤ -85°C
Maximum Condenser Capacity ≥ 30 L
Condenser Surface Area 0.548 m2 (850 in2)
Condenser Pull-Down from 20°C to -45°C ≤ 10 minutes
Number of Compressors 2
Compressor Horsepower (high/ low-stage) 3.5 hp / 2 hp
Vacuum Time to 100 Millitorr ≤ 25 minutes
Vacuum Rate of Rise (per hour) ≤ 40 μbar (30 mT)
Lowest System Vacuum ≤ 13 μbar (10 mT)
Temperature Uniformity ± 1.0°C