SONICA Ultrasonic Cleaners

SOLTEC ultrasonic cleaners are available in over 20 models with more than 50 different versions. The cleaners are highly efficient in removing particulates and help in cleaning the various HPLC components to remove the contamination, dust , oil, grease, organic matter etc. Using ultrasonic energy and a process known as cavitation, ultrasonic cleaning is the most effective way of deep cleaning parts that are difficult to reach as well as complex shaped items (mechanical parts, precision components in HPLC).

SONICA S3 range of Ultrasonic Cleaners is characterized by its newly-designed control panels. With a capacity of 3 litres, the model SONICA S3 has state-of-the art high-power piezoelectric transducers with the innovative SweepSystem oscillation technology, providing the perfect cavitation of detergents. SweepSystem technology gives:

  • Faster Cleaning
  • Damage free Cleaning
  • Increased Distribution of ultrasound energy
  • Better cleaning
  • Improved cavitation.

SOLTEC offers a vast range of options with varying capacities from 40 to 130 litres.

Model M – Model with a timer which can be set up upto 15 minutes besides a manual operation option.

Model MH- Model with a timer which can be set up upto 15 minutes besides a manual operation option. Additionally it has a thermostat for the heater set at 60 Deg C

Model ETH- Cleaning times and temperatures controlled electronically by microprossor.

Model EP – The most technolically advanced in the SONICA range: modern digital display control

panel;degassing time setting; cleaning time from 0 to 99 miinutes; tank liquid temperature setting upto 70

Deg C; memory for 10 cleaning programmes; Jet Program allows for quick and easy cleaning cycles.

All the models come with the Sweep System generator. SOLTEC can also design “Custom” Ultrasonic cleaners, based on customer’s specific requirements.