Sedex LT-ELSD Model 100 LT Universal Detector for HPLC

SEDEX LT-ELSD 100LT sets the benchmark for evaporative light scattering detection in HPLC analysis, featuring the highest sensitivity, reliability, and accuracy.  Detection is based on the universal property of all analytes and does not require a chromophoric group, electroactive group etc.


The best universal detection system for HPLC
Dynamic range of 5+ orders
Typical Sensitivity  <250 pg
Minimized band broadening
Choice of 4 nebulizers 
Complete Remote Control
Works with all HPLCs
Compatible with gradient mobile phases
Full SOP protocols for GLP compliance

The revolutionary design based on Low-Temperature Evaporation enables evaporation of solvents with high boiling points at low temperatures, thus permitting high sensitivity detection of semi-volatile or thermally labile compounds.  Other ELSD instruments in the market do not select droplets and require higher temperatures to control the noise, causing drop in sensitivity.   The 100 LT can select the best nebulizer and the evaporation drift tube design optimizes both efficiency and sensitivity.

Low-Temperature Detection – For best sensitivity of all compounds

The SEDEX LT 100 provides similar response factors for molecules with close structures and this is quite convenient to simplify quantitative analysis. Gradient mobile phases can be used to analyze samples and a broad range of mobile phase modifiers such as   AcONH4, AcOH, HCOONH4, HCOOH, CO3NH4, TFA, HFBA, or N(C2H5)3 can be readily used to separate complex substances.  For the majority of the solutes, the detection limits obtained with the latest SEDEX detector models frequently reach the very low nanogram (even the mid picogram levels with SEDEX 90LT) on the column.  Custom nebulizers are available specifically for UHPLC , SFC and replacement  can be done in less than 2 minutes.