Seal Quality Testing & Seal Analysis

PTI Seal-Scan is a semi-automatic inspection system with x-y drive, used for the detection of seal defects, seal characterization and material analysis. Seal-Scan systems utilize the ASTM Test Method F3004-13, nondestructive test method for “Evaluation of Seal Quality and Integrity using
Airborne Ultrasound Technology.” Deterministic inspection method producing quantitative results. Works for any material and combinations, regardless of color, transparency, print, surface finish and porosity. Produces high resolution Opto-Acoustic image


  • Application: Semi-automated offline seal quality inspection and analysis
  • Technology: Airborne Ultrasound Technology
  • Recognized Test Method: ASTM F3004-13, referenced in USP 1207
  • Package Type: Pouches, flexible packaging and laminated materials
  • Package Material & Combinations: Any pouch material: Tyvek®, Paper, Foil. Film, Aluminum, Plastic, Poly
  • Inspection Speed: Adjustable to 500mm/sec.
  • Inspection Rate: Up to 1,000 pulses/sec.
  • Seal Defects: Incomplete seal, inclusions, wrinkles, channel defect, misaligned seal, delamination or blisters. Inconsistent seal – analysis pixel by pixel
  • Minimum Defect Size: 500 microns of seal. Characterizes overall quality and uniformity of the seal.