Scan-RAM radio-TLC

Scan-RAM, the innovative PET/SPECT radio-TLC Scanner, provides accurate and reproducible results for radiochemical purity measurements employed in nuclear medicine laboratories and also in QC labs for batch release. The ‘TLC only’ Scan-RAM can be supplied in two configurations, the first holds a single detector; the second model houses two detectors, with Laura software selecting the most appropriate detector for each product method – ideal for groups working with PET and SPECT samples in the same department.

  • The most innovative, flexible and compliant radio-TLC Scanner
  • Designed for PET/SPECT, High Energy Beta, Alpha, Low Energy Gamma applications
  • Also available as Dual Radio-TLC & radio-HPLC system
  • Wide range of detectors for low & high levels of radioactivity
  • Automatic peak finder & Half-life correction
  • Industry Standard Laura Software for Control, Data Collection and Reporting
  • Also available with Multi-Channel Analyzer (MCA) option
  • GLP & 21 CFR Part 11 compliance options
  • Bespoke Lead Shielding

Scan-RAM is the most flexible and reliable radio-TLC scanner with unique features : a motorized detector, unique TLC plate support beds and an adjustable collimator combined with different aperture slits, engraved ruler facilitating confirmation of the TLC strip allowing users to record this information in Laura software for PET. TLC strips of any size up to 5 x 20 cm are easily accommodated. The single power button and full software control allows only users with an appropriate access level to make changes to the operating parameters of the radio TLC scanner and analyser. USB interface provides instrument control, HV supply, data transfer and electronics power supply.

The Scan-RAM is available not only as a radio-TLC scanner and analyzer, but also as a dual radio-TLC and radio-HPLC instrument, uniquely combining a radio-TLC scanner and a radio-HPLC detector