Meet SAM HD!

Fully automated -80°C frost free storage, sample tracking and retrieval system for any sample

The All-in-One Biobank

You can have it all! SAM HD safely and securely stores precious samples in a -80°C frost-free environment. Don’t let the small footprint fool you! SAM HD is a powerful, fully automated all-in-one biobank running at pick speeds up to 100 tubes per hour. Retrieve a samples in as little as 70 seconds. SAM HD supports multiple labware types with capacity up to tens of thousands of tubes.

Secure peace of mind

Efficiency and security

The -80°C storage temperature will securely keep your samples at temperature until you are ready to retrieve them.

SAM HD will automatically run pick jobs. Simply create the pick jobs for your workflow and these will queue up and run as a specified prioritization.

When you are ready to retrieve your samples, merely click a button. Your samples will be brought from cold storage to the access port and presented to you in less than 70 seconds.

All jobs should be this easy


SAM HD is equipped with Hamilton’s INSTINCT S software interface. Powerful, yes, but oh so easy to use. A few clicks and you are on your way!

You’ll never lose a sample! INSTINCT S keeps track of all samples in storage and outside of the system.

Have it your way

Have your own LIMS system?

No problem. INSTINCT S is supported by third party LIMS platforms or easily integrated with your own LIMS platform using our RESTful-based API.

We’ll even help you do it!