NucleoCounter® NC-250™ Advanced Cell Analyzer

The NucleoCounter® NC-250™ is an automated cell analyzer, which can characterize cell properties using fluorescence imaging. The NC-250™ offers a wide range of optimized protocols to meet the needs of all mammalian cell types grown under different conditions.

Through unique assays, cell count can be performed even on cells growing on microcarriers and in sphere cultures. This benchtop image cytometer ensures high-precision and does not require calibration.

With a combination of simplicity and innovation, counting and viability determination of mammalian cells has never been easier. Simply mix a small volume of cell suspension with fluorescent dyes, load, and run. Within three minutes you will have eight highly precise viability and cell count analyses at hand.

For cells with low concentration, or to achieve even higher precision, users can take advantage of the NC-Slide A2™ with a 30 µl volume capacity.

The NucleoCounter® NC-250™ automated cell analyzer performs high-speed cell count and viability determination and offers a unique 5-minute cell cycle assay and a 1-minute apoptosis assay for up to eight samples at the time.

The intuitive software has unlimited licenses and produces on-screen data analysis and automated PDF reports.

  • Fast, high-precision cell counts
  • Analyzes total cell count and viability for 8 samples in 3 minutes
  • Easy to operate
  • Excellent data reproducibility
  • No calibration required
  • 21 CFR Part 11/GMP-ready