Nexera Voglibose Analysis System

Shimadzu Voglibose Analysis System comprises of the most popular N-Series HPLC modules coupled to a Post-column derivatization set up and the world’s highest sensitivity  RF-20Axs Fluorescence detector.  The system is the industry’s benchmark and provides total compliance to the regulated methods for the analysis of voglibose, an anti-diabetes drug that inhibits the activity of α-glucosidase.

Since voglibose absorbs in the low-wavelength region,  it cannot be directly detected with a  UV-Vis detector with high sensitivity.   Therefore a post-column derivatization method with taurine/periodic acid reagent coupled with fluorescence detection, which is effective for detecting sugar alcohols and non-reducing sugars, is commonly used.

Voglibose after separation in an amino column (Shim-pack) is allowed to react with a solution of (taurine/sodium periodate) at  100 Deg C in the Post-column system and detection is done using the fluorescence detector maintained at  15 Deg C.   As the  RF-20Axs is equipped with a cell temperature control which can work at 15 Deg, C, the system does not need any external temperature-controlled cooling bath. Further, the system provides improved accuracy and reduces fluorescence quenching at elevated temperatures.   The system provides excellent linearity at concentrations of  2-250 µg/L and meets the system suitability criteria as specified in Japanese Pharmacopoeia with an Rvalue greater than 0.9999.

System suitability testing for voglibose tablets as specified in the Japanese Pharmacopoeia done in presence of lactose clearly showed  8.2 peak resolution which clearly satisfies criterion value (4 or greater).   Peak area repeatability for the voglibose analyzes was 0.16% RSD (n=6), satisfying the criterion value of  2.0% or less.

  • The benchmark system for voglibose in pharma preparations
  • Proven Shimadzu  Post-Column derivatization platform
  • World-leading Fluorescence detection for high sensitivity
  • Excellent linearity and sensitivity to measure a wide range of concentrations
  • Vast user base in India