Advanced i-Series Gel Permeation Chromatograph

Advanced i-Series Gel Permeation Chromatograph (GPC) provides wider temperature range up to 90 Deg C and a superior built-in forced air-circulation based column oven that can house multiple  300 mm GPC columns and capability to interface with the Shimadzu’s world class Refractive Index detector.  Equipped with a 10 µL micro plunger based solvent delivery unit, a highly reliable industry-standard autosampler and a degasser, the Advanced i-Series GPC has been designed for use with both organic and aqueous GPC applications, offering superior performance in determination of molecular weights and molecular weight distributions of polymers.

Superior Refractive Index Detection

RID-20A  differential refractive index detector has been designed with a new reference-cell auto-purge feature and validation support function.  The RID-20A reduces the time to stabilization dramatically by utilizing dual temperature control for the optical system.  Four-partition photodetector allows a wide refractive index range (0.01 to 5000 μRIU).

Combination of a differential refractive index detector and UV detector makes it possible to conduct simultaneous analysis of the principal component (polymer)  along with any trace-level additives and further permits calculation of the molecular weight distribution of the polymer, confirmation of the UV spectra of minor components and quantitation based on the calibration curve.

Creation of Calibration Curve in Just 3 Steps 

LabSolutions GPC software enables a wide range of calibration routines such as linear, 3rd order, 3rd order+hyperbolic curve, 5th order, 5th order+hyperbolic curve, 7th order, 7th order+hyperbolic curve etc. to handle diverse requirements. The software provides up to 64 data points and allows entry of virtual points, so calibration curves can be fully verified.    A variety of post-run analysis functions helps in optimization of peak integration functions enabling recalculation of number-average, weight-average, z-average, z+1 average and viscosity-average molecular weights, as well as intrinsic viscosity and polydispersity in real time.