MALDI 8030

Dual Polarity Benchtop Linear MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometer

The MALDI-8030 is the latest with performance specifications extended to cater for compounds best suited to analysis in negative ion mode.  Covering wide sample types –  peptides, proteins, polymers or oligonucleotides, the instrument is capable of delivering the performance required for QC applications as well as research. The MALDI-8030 features wide-bore ion optics  which minimize the risk of source contamination over time, providing a robust platform.

  • Dual mode (positive/negative ion) for intact mass analysis
  • Wide mass range up to m/z 500,000 for high mass drug conjugates
  • Automated lockmass feature: highly suitable for biosimilar
  • 200 Hz solid-state laser, 355 nm
  • Load-lock chamber for fast sample introduction
  • UV laser-based source cleaning (patented)
  • Staked with Technology, Designed for Performance

Patented  WideBore™ Ion Optics technology significantly reduces contamination from the desorbed MALDI sample. The near normal (on-axis) incidence of the MALDI laser beam and the camera view produce outstanding efficiency of the MALDI source and high quality sample images. The strong electrostatic lens delivers high sensitivity and resolution

Sensitivity and Resolution


MALDI Solutions™ software, the software features a centralized, secure Microsoft® SQL database which can be used to store everything from sample lists and acquisition Parameter Sets to acquired MALDI data. The system is managed by an Administrator and customizable user profiles provide control over access to the database and operation.  A few interesting applications developed include:  molecular weight of nucleic acids and internal sequence analysis by In-source day (ISD), polymer analysis, higher mass analysis using immunoglobin A (IgA), food colorants in sweets/candies, pigments in cosmetics. etc.