Macromolecules ECLIPSE

Eclipse™ system from Wyatt Technology is the foundation of FFF-MALS (Field Flow Fractionation – Multi Angle Light Scattering) , a powerful technique for separation and comprehensive characterization of macromolecules and nanoparticles from 1 to 1000 nm in size. The system offers uniquely versatile means of size-based separations, capable of fractionating viral particles, liposomes and lipid nanoparticles, emulsions, proteins and aggregates, polysaccharides and technical polymers, engineered nanoparticles, colloidal soil suspensions and many more – with no stationary phase and almost no shear.

FFF-MALS, comprises an Eclipse FFF instrument plus a pump and autosampler front end, with a DAWN® multi-angle light scattering instrument and other online detector modules. VISION™ software is the brain behind FFF providing intelligent method design, operation and analysis while ASTRA® software acquires and analyzes the detector signals.

Wyatt’s FFF-MALS system with 21 CFR Part 11 compliant VISION and ASTRA software aids regulatory efforts and the development of standards and validation protocols. Wyatt’s compliant software has been used and validated by hundreds of biopharmaceutical laboratories.

Launch VISION’s central hub and log into VISION which automatically starts ASTRA – both in security pack mode. VISION will automatically apply the same user roles with VISION RUN and synchronize data acquisition in ASTRA SP.

Wide coverage of sample types
Wide coverage of sample types

Fractionation, which is what it’s all about, takes place in the open FFF channel which incorporates a semi-permeable (ultrafiltration) membrane supported by a frit. Eclipse channels offer several key advantages including extra-rigid construction, built-in temperature regulation and built-in dilution control ports. A variety of FFF channels are available to meet different needs. The Short Channel is the workhorse for FFF, suitable for most applications. The Semi-Prep Channel separates sample loads up to the milligram range.

Eclipse FFF offers state-of-the-art options: Dilution Control Module (DCM) which increases detector signal and concentration of collected fractions without loading more sample. Ultra-high precision and stability of detector flow up to 0.1% are achieved, thanks to revolutionary design that splits away the upper fraction of the channel flow, thereby reducing the dilution of the sample layer at the outlet of the channel. This results in unmatched reproducibility in retention times and recovery and variable concentration enhancements up to 10x. FFF-SEC switching option seamlessly transfer the pump, autosampler and detectors from FFF to an SEC column, enabling easy and seamless transitions. The Eclipse FFF also enables addition of Mobility System, for measurement of electrophoretic mobility/zeta potential. Mobility is very useful in evaluating N/P ratio of drug and gene delivery nanoparticles, biopharmaceuticals for chemical & physical degradation. With Wyatt Technology’s world-renowned DAWN/miniDAWN Multi Angle Light Scattering and online Dynamic Light Scattering systems, detection options for the Eclipse FFF system provide the most comprehensive solutions.

Spinco-Wyatt-imageWide choice of channels to suit analytical, semi-preparative, mobility(zeta potential) studies
  • The most powerful FFF system for macromolecular separations
  • High Sensitivity MALS/Online DLS detection
  • Engineered for reliability, versatility and simplicity of use
  • Automated Switching between FFF-MALS & SEC-MALS
  • Wide choice of Channels for Analytical, Semi-Prep applications
  • Dilution Control Mode for higher sensitivity & higher concentration in fractions
  • Optional online Mobility measurements
  • Wide applications: Viral Vector & aggregates, DNA/RNA lipoplex, HMW complexes, architecture of large polymers, polymer/nanogel solutions, Liposomes, Virus-Like Particles