LCMS 8040

LCMS-8040 is the first in the UFMS class providing ultrafast sensitivity, ultrafast speed and ultrafast reliability in its segment. With its enhanced sensitivity and speed beyond comparison, LCMS 8040 stands apart from its competitors.

Ultra-High Sensitivity with improved ion optics

In its unique ability, by incorporating newly improved ion optics UF-Lens™ and UFsweeper™ II collision cell technology, the LCMS-8040 provides higher multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) sensitivity which further expands the application range of the instrument. This Ultra High Sensitivity minimises the ion losses between multiple poles and improves the yield of scan mode measurements.

Ultra-High Speed with Enhanced Performance.

The LCMS-8040 has been designed to provide significantly higher sensitivity while maintaining the high speed required for faster analysis.  Ultrafast MRM speeds of up to 555 MRMs per second are achieved on LCMS 8040 by Shimadzu’s UFsweeperTM collision cell technology, high-precision quadrupole machining, and unique high voltage power supply technology. In addition, the LCMS-8040 features the fast polarity switching at 15 msec. With this an Ultra-High-speed scanning rate of 15,000 u/sec is achieved which can dramatically improve analytical throughput.

Full scan spectra for Methomyl, Carbaryl (NAC), Phoxim, Benfuracarb, and Abamectin B1a

Ultra-High Reliability for Complex Matrices.

MRM optimization in Shimadzu’s LC-MS systems is based on a rapid series of automated flow injection analyses, requiring only minutes to perform. Because of the reliability of LCMS-8040, multiple compounds can be optimized in an unattended sequence, freeing the analyst from tedious work. With seamless method transfers and ease of maintenance, LCMS 8040 stands out as Ultra High Reliable instrument with exceptional durability.

Optimising Performance with Robust, User-friendly Interface

The LCMS-8040 heated ion source works with the most challenging samples, delivering robust, high-sensitivity detection using ESI, APCI or our dual probe ionization interface. System maintenance for the ion source is simplicity itself. Cleaning the heated desolvation capillary is quick and maintains system vacuum to provide greater uptime and usability.

Fully Automated MRM optimisation

MRM parameters can be easily set up in LCM-8040 with a rapid and simplified approach based on automated flow injection analysis, an optimization function included LabSolutions that allows anyone to optimize parameters easily. Optimization choices include voltages for Q1 pre-rod, Q3 pre-rod, and collision energy. MRM transitions are determined by selecting the product ions with the highest abundance.

LC-MS Method Packages and  MRM libraries

A variety of method packages and MRM libraries, which include analysis conditions such as MRM parameters, enable efficient implementation of simultaneous multi-component analyses. The method parameter list included in these packages can be used to create methods that analyze targeted components only. These packages can save laboratories a great deal of method development time