LCMS-2050 Liquid Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer

The LCMS-2050 single quadrupole mass spectrometer combines the user-friendliness of an LC detector with the excellent performance of MS to provide high level performance.  The system can be integrated seamlessly with the N-Series UHPLC, Ai-Series HPLC and also with the Nexera Prep LCs for addressing diverse applications.  Analytical Intelligence and eco-friendly functions built into the LCMS-2050 contribute to labour and energy savings in the laboratory.  The LCMS-2050 is designed to be the same width and stackable with other Shimadzu LC components, saving laboratory space.

Seamless integration with LC by design

Improved Detection for Fast Chromatography

LabSolutions LCMS workstation for the LCMS-2050 delivers streamlined instrument control and sophisticated data analysis using Analytical Intelligence.   The LCMS-2050 is certified as ‘Eco-Products Plus’, Shimadzu’s original environmentally conscious product.

  • ‘SIMPLY EFFORTLESS’ mass spectrometer
  • Seamless Integration with LC
  • Mass-it: Mass signature impartment technology
  • Heated dual ion source (DUIS)
  • Superior Detection with wide mass range
  • Compact footprint & stackable with LC units,
  • Automatic checks on instrument status
  • Certified Shimadzu Eco-Plus Product

Mass-it is a new function introduced in LCMS-2050 that annotates MS results onto LC results. Mass spectral information is automatically extracted from peaks and displayed on the UV chromatogram, enabling the user to verify MS and UV data simultaneously. Mass information on the UV chromatogram can alert the user to components with no UV absorption or co-eluting peaks, preventing compounds from being overlooked.  The LCMS-2050 provides the world’s fastest performance, with a scan speed of 15,000 u/sec  and a positive/negative ion switching speed of 10 msec in its class.

With a mass range of m/z  2-2000, the system measures a wide range of compounds from small molecules to high molecules, from low polarity to high polarity.  A heated dual ion source (DUIS), which combines the features of electrospray ionization (ESI) and atmospheric pressure chemical ionization (APCI)  enables compounds with a wide range of characteristics to be analysed simultaneously.   System check function introduces a standard sample automatically, checks mass accuracy, resolution and spectral intensity, and checks the instrument status.   The ionization interface of the LCMS-2050 has a simple, accessible design that minimizes the efforts needed to maintain the instrument in a good state. The desolvation line (DL) that transfers the sample into the vacuum chamber can be replaced without using tools and without breaking the vacuum.

  • Proprietary High Speed Technology
    • UFscanning (15,000 u/sec)
    • UFswitching (10 msec between +ve and -ve ionization).