LCMS-2020, Single Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer, is the industry standard for routine LC-MS analysis on impurities in active pharmaceutical ingredients (API),  efficient in-process monitoring in pharmaceutical & chemical manufacturing and identification of closely eluting molecules in different applications.  The instrument combines the excellent compound selectivity with enhanced productivity – for method development and routine analysis.

  • The most sensitive Single Quad LCMS
  • UFswitching (high-speed positive/negative modeswitching)
  • UFscanning (high-speed scan measurements)
  • UFsensitivity (superior sensitivity and repeatability)
  • Superior Software with Enhanced Functionalities
  • The Best Universal Detector for UHPLC

Novel technology employing high-speed polarity switching (15 msec) coupled with ultra-high scan speeds (15,000 u/sec) in the LCMS-2020 enables seamless detection of both positive ions and negative ions with measurements performed while switching between the positive and negative ionization modes. In MS Scanning, a range of mass to charge ratios are determined in successive 0.1 m/z steps. The newly developed Qarray® Optics of the LCMS-2020 achieves superior sensitivity, reproducibility and linearity.

Interfaced with the N-Series, The NextGen UHPLC, that has been developed with Analytical Intelligence incorporating automated support functions utilizing digital technology such as M2M, IoT & Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabling higher productivity and maximum reliability, the LCMS-2020 stays far ahead of other systems in its class with respect to speed and sensitivity of analysis.

The LCMS-2020 provides several methods within a single analysis such as CID (Collision-induced dissociation), positive/negative ion switching modes and Scan/SIM modes.  APCI and DUIS ionization methods are also offered in addition to the ESI method, supporting a diverse range of applications. The optional DUIS-2020 dual ion source continuously performs  ESI and APCI, which allows simultaneous analysis of samples suited to either ionization technique.  Because both the ESI and APCI voltages operate continuously, no switching time is required, and the DUIS performs analysis with high reliability and reproducibility without loss of data, even for analyses with narrow peaks obtained using ultra fast liquid chromatography.

LabSolutions LCMS unified software for LCMS data acquisition has been designed for total compliance under regulated environments and assists in efficient data processing.