inline Particle Measurement System

The SOPAT-VR Probe is an in-process particle measurement technique that analyzes particle sizes and distributions in real-time. The technology is based on high quality photo-optical image acquisition integrated with an innovative image analysis software. Particles like drops, bubbles, grains and cells are rapidly and reliably analysed even when present in high concentrations.

Sopat’s comprehensive software package resides on a high performance workstation and is accessable via a graphical user interface which is clearly arranged and easy to use. The results, including number density distribution (q0), cumulative number distribution (Q0), volume distribution (Q3) and different mean diameters (d10, d32,d50,d90a.s.o.) can be displayed.

  • Smart Online Particle Analysis Technology
  • State-of-the-art technology for particle and droplet measurements
  • Quantitative data on Particle size distribution
  • Simple, Quick Installation of Test Probe on-site
  • Unique capabilities in process monitoring in Emulsions&Dispersions, Liquid-Liquid separation, polymerization etc.

Technology-Precision with Image Analysis

The SOPAT-VR is an in-situ microscope conjoined with a smart image analysis to deliver robust and accurate particle detection and characterization. The results include real-time particle size quantification of the system within a size range of 1 to 10,000 µm. This approach leads to process optimization benefits:Instant error detection, Waste reduction and output growth, Product quality improvement, Increase process transparency and safety.


Gas-Liquid : For an exact prediction of heat and mass transfer and reaction or growth rates during in multi-phase processes such as fermentation in a stirred vessel or bubble column, exact knowledge of the interfacial area is required. SOPAT delivers this information.

Liquid-Liquid: Homogenous Catalytic liquid-liquid reactions are cornerstones for ‘’green chemistry’’. For process development, knowledge of the conditions of dispersion and particle size distribution is essential. SOPAT delivers this information.

Solid-Liquid: The real-time quantification of particle size distributions dependent upon time and location is essential in the optimization of process design and a vital component in fully-automated production techniques. SOPAT delivers this informatio