The GCMS-QP2010 SE is a single quadrupole gas chromatograph-mass spectrometer offering stable and cost-effective analysis for challenging compounds. A high-performance quadrupole mass filter ensures high sensitivity in both quantitative and qualitative analysis. The GCSMS-QP2010 SE is compatible with multiple sample introduction methods to enable a greater range of applications.

Superior Technology, High Sensitivity and Stability

The ion optics are optimized by employing a high-performance quadrupole mass filter and Shimadzu’s proprietary Optdesign simulation program to provide high-quality mass spectra. Fully-automated MS tuning enables anyone to optimize parameters easily and consistently. This helps ensure that stable mass spectra can always be obtained.     Patented technology for mass scanning produces ideal mass filter characteristics (Patent: US5227629).

This system features an easily removable pre-rod and lens system that allows the user to quickly perform cleaning and maintenance. Less downtime means greater productivity.

Easy Maintenance

The GCMS-QP2010 SE incorporates a front-opening chamber in a design that is both visually pleasing and practical, allowing maintenance to be performed with ease from the front of the instrument. “MSNAVIGATOR,” which supports maintenance, has been improved to help the user perform instrument maintenance


By activating the new Ecology mode feature whenever the system is in between analyses or after finishing a batch of analyses, the GCMS-QP2010 SE will use about 60 % less carrier gas and 40 % less power than previous models.  Under standard analytical conditions, this reduces helium gas consumption by about 2 cylinders (with a capacity of 7 m3) per year, reducing laboratory operating  costs.