Forensic Toxicology Database

Perform forensic toxicology screening for drugs of abuse, psychotropic drugs, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, and natural toxins using this high-resolution accurate mass database.

MS/MS Spectra for over 900 Toxicological Substances

The High Resolution Accurate Mass (HRAM) Library includes two MS/MS spectral libraries. Each library is built using two different separation conditions and is suitable for targeted or non-targeted screening of drugs of abuse, psychotropic drugs, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, and other compounds of toxicological interest.

Library 1 includes 81 MS/MS spectra and ODS method retention times for various illegal drugs and pharmaceuticals commonly of interest to forensic laboratories. Library 2 includes MS/MS spectra for 901potentially toxic substances of interest to forensic analysis and clinical research. Retention times and method conditions are based on a Biphenyl column.

Data acquired with a Shimadzu Q-TOF system can be analyzed easily using LabSolutions Insight Explore software. Library searching and compound identification can be performed in just three steps. Search results are displayed in a format that is visually easy to understand.

Procedure for Compound Identification by Searching the Library

  • LabSolutions LCMS Ver. 5.113 or later and LabSolutions Insight™ Ver. 3.8SP4 or later are required.
  • This library is intended for research use only. It may not be used for clinical diagnostic applications.