Focus XC Series Peptide Synthesizers

The Focus XC Series of solid phase peptide synthesizers are compact, easy to use fully automated peptide synthesizers that can can synthesize one, two, four or up to six peptides at a time for efficient high throughput synthesis. Equipped with 24 amino acid/reagent vessels, the Focus XC synthesizers do not require a hood, yet can prepare peptides in scale ranging from 0.05mmol to 5.0mmol. The systems support both Boc and Fmocprotocols and allow on-instrument cleavage using protocols with TFA, TFMSA, TMSOTf or specialized reagents

Focus Xi is the ideal entry-level peptide instrument where small numbers of peptides are required. It features one glass reactor with nitrogen bubbling mixing, 16 amino acid/reagent vessels and 5 larger solvent/reagent bottles.

Focus XC peptide synthesizers with 2, 4, or 6 reactors are ideal where a large number of high quality peptides are required in research quantities. Focus XC peptide synthesizers in the standard configuration have 24 amino acid containers. Optional configuration has 36 amino acid vessels.

Focus XC III peptide instrument is a cGMP compliant production scale solid phase peptide synthesizer small enough to fit on a laboratory bench top. In the standard configuration, the Focus XC III peptide synthesizer has a 1 liter reactor. 500 ml and 2 liter reactors are optional. 4 large capacity amino acid vessels are specially designed for precise metering of amino acid solutions

  • Flexible enough for solid phase peptide, organic and combinatorial chemistry
  • Supports both Boc and Fmoc Protocols
  • Scales in the range of 0.01mM to 5.0mM
  • 2,4, or 6 reactor-design widens the scales
  • Efficient RV-mixing, robust, easy to clean
  • Automatic Monitoring option
  • Intuitive software provides standard protocols plus the power to customize
  • On-instrument cleavage of products
  • Minimizes operating and maintenance costs

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