FLIPR® Penta High-throughput Cellular Screening System

The FLIPR® Penta High Throughput cellular screening system improves upon an already built legacy of ultra-High throughput Kinetic screening for lead compound identification using fluorescence & luminescence readouts.  The system allows measurement and analysis of peaks of human-derived induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSCs), differentiated into cardiomyocytes and neurons and quickly cherry pick events such as Early Afterdepolarization-like events (EAD-like events), fibrillation and irregular beating.   The system can be further configured based on library size, detection mode, screening format, assay, and target, making the transition from assay development to lead optimization a seamless process.

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Increase assay flexibility with new hardware

Powered by a new High Speed EMCCD camera capable of speeds of acquisition up to 100Hz and new Peak Pro 2 software allows the user to measure, analyze and distinguish peaks of both primary and secondary nature. A bank of specific LEDs for individual applications like Calcium Flux, Membrane Potential, Potassium ion channel, Voltage sensor and more enables customization of the hardware based on the user’s requirements.


Real Time screening for fast kinetic processes

Avenues such as novel drug discovery pipelines as well as initiatives of assessment of early predictive toxicology have necessitated the utility of Calcium flux assays and other fast kinetic assays like Membrane potential determination and Voltage sensor assays. While most Multimode Microplate readers equipped with an injector/pipettor capability can also get the job done, they are too slow to screen through a library of tens of thousands of compounds to identify potential leads. The FLIPR®Penta equipped with its user changeable 96, 384 or 1536 head pipettor head along with a High Speed camera makes quick work of reading though plate after plate of samples.


ScreenWorks Software with customizable protocols and data analysis for high-throughput kinetic assays


Using a drag-and-drop interface, protocols can be easily set up to include:

  • Standard fluorescent or luminescent read modes or optional aequorin luminescence detection
  • Simultaneous transfer of 96, 384, or 1536 liquid or cells in suspension
  • Complex quadrant, multiple aspirations or multiple dispensing liquid handling
  • Single or ratiometric kinetic cell-based reading
  • Tip washing with up to two solvents
  • Cell suspension delivery with automatable cleaning protocols
  • Simple-to-create automation protocols
  • Optional Peak Pro software module with easy signal oscillation anomaly detection