FlexStation 3 Multimode Microplate Reader

The FlexStation® 3 combines Molecular Devices SpectraMax M5e Microplate Reader performance with an integrated 8- or 16-channel pipettor into one compact benchtop reader providing users with a multi-detection platform capable of increasing the liquid handling throughput and flexibility for biochemical- and cell-based kinetic assays.

Using an 8- or 16-channel pipettor, theFlexStation 3 Reader offers added assay flexibility over dispenser-based systems by transferring reagents from 96 or 384 distinct wells in a source plate to a read plate, simultaneously. In addition, users can define individual reagents and concentrations to be delivered to each well. Liquid transfer for endpoint and slow kinetic assays can be automated to initiate a response at user-defined points of time.

  • Five –mode reader with wide range of applications
  • Flexible liquid transfer enabling more assays
  • User-defined pipetting simplifies assay optimization
  • Comprehensive reader validation
  • Cited in more than 3000 Publications
  • Full line of optimized Assay Kits

Dual monochromators allow users to target the optimal assay excitation and emission wavelengths and eliminate the need to change expensive band pass filters between experiments. Dual PMTs provide flexibility to detect multiple detection modes, while a separate PMT provides additional sensitivity for luminescence applications. Reference diodes automatically adjust to slight fluctuations in excitation intensity to reduce measurement noise. Absorbance applications are enhanced using top-quality UV-grade fibers to provide high light transmission in the lowest wavelengths.

The FlexStation 3 Microplate reader supports a wide variety of assay categories including Fast kinetic calcium mobilization assays, Membrane potential assays,ELISAs DNA/RNA quantitation , Protein assays, Enzyme kinetics, Protease assays, Fluorescent proteins and FRET, Cell viability and cytotoxicity assays, Reporter gene assays, Cell migration assays, Cell adhesion assays, Fatty acid uptake assay, Neurotransmitter transporter uptake assays, ADME-Tox, Membrane permeability, Phosphotase/kinase assays, Microbial growth assays,Endotoxin assays,Low volume applications etc.