GC-2025, Eco-friendly Gas Chromatograph

Shimadzu’s GC-2025 capillary gas chromatograph features an eco-friendly design by reducing power and carrier gas consumption while offering superior performance required for capillary GC analysis.

Equipped with a compact design, the instrument features split/splitless injection unit, flame ionization detector and electronic flow controllers (AFC/APC) all installed as standard.   The Carrier Gas Saver Function allows one to reduce the carrier gas by reducing the split ratio in the analysis. In a split/splitless sample injection method, this function can save valuable carrier gas and thus reduce operating costs which can be substantial when using gases like helium.  Advanced Flow Controller (AFC) built in the GC-2025  can control up to 970 kPa and can support high-speed analysis using a narrow bore column.

The AOC-20 automatic liquid sample injection system offers a variety of injection modes, such as solvent flush, auto injection of internal standards and large volume injection are possible. The Flame Ionization Detector (FID) offering a high sensitivity for trace analysis (minimum detectable limit of  2 pgC/s) comes with auto ignition, auto re-ignition and automatic shut off functions as standard.

  • Unique , Eco-Friendly Technology for High Energy Savings
  • 30% reduction in power consumption as compared to previous models
  • High performance for capillary and narrow bore capillary analysis
  • Carrier Gas Saver Function
  • Split/Split-less Injectors, Advanced Flow Controllers & High Sensitivity FID as standard
  • Auto-stop Function/Auto-Start Function
  • Constant Linear Velocity Mode for Reducing method development time

With its advanced flow controller that permits flow rates up to 1200 ml/min, the GC-2025 is highly suited for high-speed analysis using narrow-bore capillary columns.  A large window display gives all pertinent information during the run and the intuitive graphical interface makes it possible to define analytical conditions quickly.