Eclipse™ Smart Peptide Synthesizer

Eclipse™ is a SMART™ new peptide synthesizer providing the peptide chemist software which analyzes any sequence no matter how difficult the deprotection and coupling. The Eclipse™ SMART™ presents the user with a synthesis strategy in written and graphic display which provides a protocol for each step of the process including deprotection and coupling steps. The Eclipse™ is the research scale peptide synthesizer used by novices and experts alike. Researchers need only to enter:

  • Peptide sequence & name
  • Amount of resin
  • Resin substitution
  • Press “Analyze Sequence”
  • Press “Run”

The Eclipse™ SMART™ software not only automatically displays a graphical prediction of synthesis difficulty, but also calculates the solvent reagents needed for the synthesis according to the synthesis protocol. The concentration of the reagents are calculated and provided for the synthesis including the position where each monomer or amino acid should be placed. The system also monitors liquid deliveries, temperature of the reaction, washing, and emptying reaction vessels. When the synthesis is complete, the SMART™ software requests to automatically wash and clean all of the vessels and lines that have been used in the synthesis to be ready for the next use.

The SMART™ software can be programmed to predict when and where to modify the chemistry either by using double coupling, substituting pseudo proline dipeptides, Dmb protected dipeptides or amino acid, double coupling and extended deprotection, etc. Thus, these modifications improve synthesis efficiency and increase the quality of crude peptide by reducing the side products which results in a greater increase in yield and superior crude peptide.

  • Research Scale Peptide Synthesizer
  • SmartSynthesis™ – Software that analyzes any sequence & provides a protocol for synthesis
  • Synthesizes with just 3 inputs – peptide sequence & name, amount of resin & resin substitution
  • From 10 mg to 500 mg of resin; Mixing by Vortex, N2 bubbling or both combined
  • Separate amino acid pre-activation
  • Fully automatic set up & synthesis