DynaPro® NanoStar®II Dynamic Light Scattering Detector

The DynaPro® NanoStar®II is a unique cuvette-based DLS instrument used for the analysis of proteins, gene therapy vectors, viruses and virus-like particles, promiscuous inhibitors, micelles, liposomes, lipid and metallic nanoparticles, and more. The NanoStar utilizes a temperature-stabilized APD coupled to an advanced double density, multi-tau (DDMT) correlator for analysis of diffusion coefficients, size and size distributions. In addition to the SPCM-based DLS detection channel, the NanoStar II incorporates a separate, optimized SLS detection channel featuring a highly linear, low noise photodiode – in fact, the same photodiode used in the Wyatt’s highly renowned on-line multi-angle light scattering (MALS) detectors.


  • Measure size, molar mass, particle concentration & stability, all in one!
  • Just 2 µL in quartz/ 4 µL in specially designed disposable cuvette
  • Dynamics®Touch® on-board app for instant measurements
  • Proven SLS technology complementing the DLS
  • Broadest temperature control : -10 Deg C to +120 Deg C with fast ramping
  • Connects to DAWN, miniDAWN for online DLS
  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliance with host PC and DYNAMICS software


Walk-up operation with DYNAMICS® Touch The NanoStar is the only DLS instrument to provide a fully integrated, walk-up measurement experience. DYNAMICS Touch is an intuitive – yet capable DLS measurement app that resides right on the NanoStar. via the full-size touch screen display, DYNAMICS Touch guides user through the entire setup and measurement process. It tells if the data quality is sufficient for confidence in the results, and displays them instantly. Data files and concise PDF reports can be stored on the instrument, transferred via the network or downloaded to a flash drive.

Full-featured analyses with DYNAMICS®DYNAMICS is Wyatt’s powerful PC-based, comprehensive software package for collecting, analyzing, and reporting batch dynamic and static light scattering data. It performs advanced analyses and compares multiple data files to identify trends and statistics. DYNAMICS can control the NanoStar and acquire data directly, or read in DYNAMICS Touch data files

DynaPro NanoStar Dynamic Light Scattering Detector

Featured Applications – DynaPro NanoStar II