Beta-RAM Model 6 World’s leading Radio-HPLC Flow Detector

Beta-RAM model 6  is the industry standard radio-HPLC detector offering  superior sensitivity and performance.   The system offers the versatility of either homogeneous counting by admixing with liquid scintillator via the accurate built-in delivery pump or heterogeneous counting with a range of pre-packed solid scintillator flow cells. This makes the Beta-RAM the versatile choice for both the most sensitive low level metabolism work or high activity preparative HPLC work using C14, H3 labelled compounds.

  • 30 Years of Experience in Radiochromatography Detection
  • NEW IRIS Technology – wide choice of cell volumes dynamically
  • NEW Integrated Liquid Manifold
  • USB Interface for control and data collection
  • Complete Instrument control – single solution for Beta-RAM & HPLC
  • Sub-second updates for the greatest accuracy with the tightest peaks
  • Industry Standard Laura Software- GLP and 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant
  • Audit trial & Electronic Signatures
  • Powerful data analysis and reporting tools


Unlike traditional technologies, which rely on a fixed flow cell volume, the IRIS technology gives a wide range of cell volumes without the need to change flow cells.  Operating with a pair of matched photomultipliers in coincidence counting mode, the system gives optimum signal to noise sensitivity.  All parameters relative to flow cell type and serial number are seamlessly identified in the Laura software. Cell ID allows for automatic calculation of eluate residence time and other counting units such as cpm and dpm.  The compact and integrated liquid manifold handles the liquid distribution and mixing with scintillation cocktail. The manifold is designed to reduce dead volume to the minimum, ensuring excellent peak shape and resolution.

The model 6 features an Active Counting Mode allowing the system to monitor and adjust run conditions in real-time, dynamically applying the most appropriate settings, giving on-line detection limits previously achieved only off-line as well as improved resolution and peak definition. The optional stop flow mode allows the user to achieve superb levels of sensitivity previously unavailable with on-line counting methods. By controlling both the Beta-RAM and HPLC system, users can define a fraction time and counting time therefore eliminating the labor-intensive, time consuming process of fraction collecting.