AXIMA Confidence

The AXIMA Confidence is designed with the general analytical and life science laboratory in mind. Incorporating a variable repetition rate 50Hz N2 laser, the system provides rapid, high quality MALDI mass spectra and an array of software tools for data processing and reporting.

Linear mode allows the interrogation of high molecular weight samples, whilst reflectron mode, incorporating the patented curved field reflectron (CFR), provides the high resolution and mass accuracy necessary for successful proteomics and life science experiments.

  • Near-axis laser irradiation with a 50Hz variable repetition rate N2 laser
  • Patented improved curved field reflectron
  • Mass range 1-500 kDa in linear mode; 1-80 kDa in reflectron mode
  • Mass resolution 5000 FWHM (ACTH 18-39) in linear mode; 15000 FWHM (ACTH 7-38) in reflectron mode
  • Sensitivity 500 amol (Glu-fibrinopeptide) in reflectron mode
  • Mass accuracy <10ppm in reflectron mode with internal calibration
  • Precursor ion resolution >200 FWHM
  • Seamless MS/MS utilising PSD
  • Flexible target formats – ranging from 48 well microscope slide format targets to 384 well microtitre plate targets


  • Proteomics experiments
  • Polymer analysis
  • Tissue imaging/biomarker discovery
  • Oligonucleotide/primer analysis
  • Full integration with robotic sample preparation devices such as the Accuspot and ChIP for a variety of applications