AXIMA Assurance

AXIMA Assurance,  the state-of-the-art Floor Standing MALDI-TOF is a Linear/Reflectron-TOF designed to operate under both positive and negative measured ion modes, yielding reliable mass information.

  • Affordable, robust option for labs requiring routine manual or automated analysis of a wide variety of sample classes.
  • High sensitivity system using a variable repetition rate 50 Hz N2 laser and a variety of target formats to meet all sample throughput requirements.
  • Ion gate – used as beam blanker to remove unwanted low mass ions
  • Mass resolution >5000 FWHM
  • Sensitivity – 250 amol Glu-fibrinopeptide
  • Mass accuracy < 30 ppm
  • Mass range 1–500 kDa
  • Flexible target formats – ranging from 48 well microscope slide format targets to 384 well microtitre plate targets

The AXIMA Assurance is controlled by the Launchpad™ suite of software, common to all AXIMA mass spectrometers, permitting manual or fully automated operation, facilitating the seamless analysis of as few or as many samples as required. Intelligent optimization of acquisition conditions may be employed permitting auto-tuning for specific samples.

Ideally suited for high-throughput QA/QC application areas, for example:

  • Oligonucleotides/primers
  • Synthetic peptides/proteins
  • Polymer analysis
  • Small molecules