AOC-30 Series Autoinjector/Autosampler for GC, GC-MS

AOC-30 Autoinjector/Autosampler Series offers enhanced functionality that ensures reliable, long-term GC and GCMS operation.  Built on the extensive wealth of unique technologies and functionality, the latest AOC-30 series, automatic sample injection systems offer easy automation, productivity and remote operability needed for next-generation laboratories.

Reliable Automatic Operation

AOC-30 automates the analysis, reduces an operator’s workload  and enables continuous analysis with a high degree of accuracy that cannot be achieved by manual operation. Shimadzu’s unique injection method achieves high reproducibility while preventing septum damage and liner contamination.  The injection speed is controlled stepwise by the septa structure to achieve excellent performance.

Injection method suppressing damage to septa and contamination of liner (Patent Pending)


Long-term Stability

Various advances in sample washing enable worry-free long-term analysis. Furthermore, by using AOC-30 in conjunction with Shimadzu’s genuine, high-quality consumables, the maintenance frequency can be significantly reduced. Less maintenance leads to less downtime and, therefore, higher efficiency.

Space-saving Sampler Configuration

Dual Tower System Doubles Throughput

Installing two AOC-30 systems on one GC enables analysis of up to 60 samples. It saves space by eliminating the need for two GCs, doubles analysis throughput, and is recommended for those who want more productivity.

Sample Navigator, Built-in Injection Expertise

The Sampler Navigator reduces the guesswork involved by letting you choose from a carefully curated list of optimized methods, meticulously prepared by experts in gas chromatography. Get up and running with a single click.

Simply enter the injection volume, solvent type and choose a preset

The animation of the icon displayed along the sequencing process shows what changes by applying the preset. After you apply a preset, you can finetune it for a more optimal sequence.